Run modern collaborative time serie workflows

Statit is a time serie management system - it helps teams build high-quality collaborative analytical workflows

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A time serie management system

A time serie management system helps teams manage collaboratively time serie assets - supporting edition and access in their tools (Web, Microsoft Excel, API)

A central serie registry
  • Time series saved centrally to support collaborative access, edition and management
  • Series structured and documented in a standard way
  • All changes on series recorded for full traceability
Accessible in your tools
  • Web – making it simple for anyone to get started and take part
  • Microsoft Excel – to get and put series directly in Excel and power dynamic Excel workflows
  • API - full API functionalities to support programatic workflows
Designed for collaboration
  • Collaborators granted different types of access: reading or editing
  • Rich metadata at collection, serie and observation level to ensure full team understanding
  • Supports collaboration workflows with revisions and alerts
Analyst from M&A team
Macro research

“My series used to be stored in tens of Excel files. Now, they are organised properly on Statit and my team and I use them in seconds across projects.”

Roman C., Researcher, Social Sciences Lab

Analyst from Asset Management Firm
Financial planning

"We are running a cash flow forecasting model with inputs from 20+ assets. We now get them in our model dynamically as soon as they are updated.”

Alex P., Analyst, Infrastructure Fund

Integrated performance reporting

“We are publishing a weekly Exco report with financial, industrial and HR KPIs. With standardised series on Statit, it is now all automated.”

Margot L., FP&A director, Industrial Company

Analyst from Research Lab
Financial & economic modeling

"Our M&A models are decoupled by teams (markets, revenues, ops, sg&a). Inputs are put on Statit and consolidated in the model in real-time.”

Zach M., Corporate Development, Services company

Analyst from Financial Planning & Analysis function

Strengthen your time serie workflows

  • Research: macro research, economic, social & environmental research, market research, company research, asset class research
  • Planning: corporate/ business unit strategy, policy development
  • Management: integrated reporting across functions/ organisations/ themes


  • Planning: budgeting (opex, capex), financial modelling (investment, M&A, PE, infrastructure, project finance, risk)
  • Management: integrated financial & operations performance management, working capital management, covenants management

Sales & Marketing

  • Planning: campaign planning, segment & account budgeting, demand planning, quotation & contract modelling, new business pricing
  • Management: product management. integrated sales & marketing reporting, customer acquisition costs reporting, customer life time value reporting


  • Planning: strategic sourcing, footprint modelling, short-term modelling (sales & operations planning, open to buy, re-order level planning ...)
  • Management: integrated supply chain reporting (procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, human resources), supplier management (across KPIs)

Strengthened workflows: robust, agile, transparent


Strengthened collaborative edition and simpler access
  • Collaborative – The ability to organise edition work across multiple individuals
  • Explicit – Many options to record & explain work - at collection, serie and observation level
  • Traceable & replicable – All revisions are traceable to the time and person who run it
  • Reach – Series accessible simply to non-editors

Financial planning

An always-on dynamic planning workflow
  • Always-on – No specific data integration exercise. Model is always pulling the latest series available
  • Seamless – With structured series and integration workflows in Excel, integration requires only a "refresh"
  • Efficient – Stakeholders are fully leveraged with no time spent integrating data
  • Speed – Process runs in "minutes" versus hours

Integrated performance reporting

A strong automated reporting run in seconds
  • Seamless – With structured series defined with reporting stakeholders and serie integration workflows automated in Excel, reporting is seamless
  • Dynamic – Change in inputs can be corrected and are updated dynamically in the reports
  • Agile – No issues when consolidation perimeters change with mappings updated in Excel
  • Robust – No more issues with failing links or format changes

Financial & economic modeling

Much better models with aligned teams
  • Structured – No monolithic approach with a bottleneck model. All "input" teams & models exist independently
  • Versatile – No limit in the number of scenarios studied - simple to create tens of scenarios
  • Traceable – All inputs can be fully traced with assumptions, revisions, authors ...
  • Trust & ownership – More aligned and engaged teams with full ownership of work