Sharing what counts

What if your team always had access to their critical metrics?

A platform for teams and organisations to share critical indicators for better planning and management

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Statit. Sharing what counts

A space for your critical metrics

A central registry
  • Metrics are saved centrally to support collaborative access, edition and management
  • Metrics are structured and documented in a standard way
  • All changes on metrics recorded for full traceability
Accessible in your tools
  • Web – making it simple for anyone to get started and take part
  • Microsoft Excel – to get and put series directly in Excel and power dynamic Excel workflows
  • API - full API functionalities to support programatic workflows
Designed for collaboration
  • Collaborators granted different types of access: reading or editing
  • Rich metadata at collection, serie and observation level to ensure full team understanding
  • Supports collaboration workflows with revisions and alerts
Analyst from M&A team
Macro research

“We run a model daily with data updates. We have now adopted a decoupled approach with inputs on Statit. The model is much simpler and faster to maintain.”

Roman C., Researcher, Social Sciences Lab

Analyst from Asset Management Firm
Financial planning

"We are running a cash flow forecasting model with inputs from 20+ assets. We now get them in our model dynamically as soon as they are updated.”

Alex P., Analyst, Infrastructure Fund

Integrated performance reporting

“We are publishing a weekly Exco report with financial, industrial and HR KPIs. With standardised series on Statit, it is now all automated.”

Margot L., FP&A director, Industrial Company

Analyst from Research Lab
Financial & economic modeling

"Our M&A models are decoupled by teams (markets, revenues, ops, sg&a). Inputs are put on Statit and consolidated in the model in real-time.”

Zach M., Corporate Development, Services company

Analyst from Financial Planning & Analysis function

Strengthen your workflows

  • Research: macro research, economic, social & environmental research, market research, company research, asset class research
  • Planning: corporate/ business unit strategy, policy development
  • Management: integrated reporting across functions/ organisations/ themes


  • Planning: budgeting (opex, capex), financial modelling (investment, M&A, PE, infrastructure, project finance, risk)
  • Management: integrated financial & operations performance management, working capital management, covenants management

Sales & Marketing

  • Planning: campaign planning, segment & account budgeting, demand planning, quotation & contract modelling, new business pricing
  • Management: product management. integrated sales & marketing reporting, customer acquisition costs reporting, customer life time value reporting


  • Planning: strategic sourcing, footprint modelling, short-term modelling (sales & operations planning, open to buy, re-order level planning ...)
  • Management: integrated supply chain reporting (procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, human resources), supplier management (across KPIs)