Sharing what counts

In a complex world, building knowledge, planning ahead and monitoring what is going on matters. And is often based on teamwork

Welcome on Statit, a platform where teams gather around their critical metrics to progress together

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Statit. A space for your key metrics

A platform for the critical metrics in your organisation

  • Organised - All your metrics consolidated in a single place and organised inside collections
  • Safe - Your metrics saved in a secure cloud. Access rights defined by user
  • Flexible - As many collections as you wish. Fron a few metrics to millions
  • Integrated - Load your metrics from files (Excel/ CSV) or automatically via APIs
Statit. Metrics
  • Super simple - Easy to discover indicators and to organise them as favorites and boards
  • Quick - All important indicators available in a blink inside boards
  • Bespoke - Everyone creates the boards or alerts relevant to them for custome monitoring
  • Collaborative - Team workspaces with boards, messages and alerts shared for better alignment

Sharing spaces developed by teams

Statit. Metrics

Your organisation focused, collaborative and agile


  • Focus on key numbers - Visible in a few seconds
  • Instant reactivity - Through alerts on most critical metrics
  • Subject or project-centric - Spaces organised by problem


  • Open - Using Statit is simple. Everyone is onboard
  • Collaborative - Team spaces with alerts and shared boards
  • Transparency - Numbers culture for more constructive engagement


  • Simple to put in place - In a few minutes to get started. IT not needed at start.
  • Evolution - Easy to change everything over time: metrics, boards, access
  • Flexible - From a few metrics to millions

Take your organisation forward

Access Statit in priority: let's set-up a 10 minutes demo or a micro-pilot in an afternoon